James T. Green is a conceptual artist, radio producer, writer, and educator from Chicago, Illinois, and now in Brooklyn, New York.


current + completed projects

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Independent Producer and Editor [2014 - present]

Producing, sound design, editing, and reporting stories.

Favorites include: True Laurels for Red Bull Radio"Little Wrist Computer" for Welcome to Macintosh"Big, Black, and Beautiful" with Tunde Olaniran, "Hinge", "Candy Coated Journalism", "The Chase", and "The Uniqloization of the Internet" for Open Ended.

Audio Director at The Outline [2018]

Producing, sound design, and reporting stories for World Dispatch. Editing stories for The Outline.

Editor at a++ [2017 - 2018]

Recommending the best podcasts for you.

Producer at Gimlet Media [2017]

Producing, sound design, and reporting stories for The Nod.

Favorites include: Ready, Set...Buy BlackThe Paradise GarageWhole Hog, All Heroes Wear Capes, and On That Lo Life $hit.

Producer at MTV News x Rookie Mag [2016 - 2017]

Producing, mixing, sound design, reporting, and editing stories for MTV News' podcast division.

Favorites include: At Standing Rock, and Kerry James Marshall On Making A 'Creative Convening'.

Production leads include: Rookie's podcast catalog, and Speed Dial with Doreen St. Félix & Ira Madison III.

Postloudness [2016 - present]

Co-founder, creative director, producer. A collective of independent audio shows hosted by people of color, women, and queer identified hosts.

Lecturer at School of the Art Institute Chicago [Spring - Winter 2016]

Graduate studies: Writing in the WWW. Case study coming soon.

U+1F60C [2015 - present]

Music production. Creating tiny songs for small scores and podcasts.

The Studio Visit [2014 - present]

Writing. A (weekly) experimental newsletter that's guaranteed to be better than your Twitter feed.

#000000 {lives:matter;} [2014 - present]

Shirt. Raising donations towards the Black Lives Matter movement, related media spaces, and non-profits.

Progress [2016]

Moving image. Created in response to Black Lives Matter and the exhibition "our duty to fight" at Gallery 400. Case study coming soon.

Processing [2016]

Interactive websites. Created in response to Black Lives Matter and the exhibition "our duty to fight" at Gallery 400. Case study coming soon.

Allison Glenn's "Messages in the Street" [2016]

Information and map design. Case study coming soon.

PrEP4Love [2016]

Shirt design and lettered illustration.

Lauren Ash [2016]

Branding and website design.

Is it a childhood dream or a newfound interest? [2016]

Moving image. Exploring passive information in mundane moments.

Official (Original) [2015]

Moving image. Questioning the expectations of videos that surface of Black death and harassment by law enforcement.

we(speak) [2015]

Interactive websites. Built with Javascript and PHP as part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".

we(listen) [2015]

Digital installation. Manipulations as part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".

we(act) [2015]

Digital manipulations and large scale installation. Part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".

VSCO Cam Microsite [2015]

Microsite. An internal project with Tribune Publishing to show our chops for designing mobile advertising interfaces and user flows.

Data Never Sleeps [2015]

Website. Created for a social media company.

@hummuskale [2015]

Twitter bot. Built with the programming language, Python.

Cache My Memory [2014]

Website. Let's you send messages to someone you miss.

How To Make A Hood [2014]

Branding. For an exhibition at the Washington Park Arts Incubator in Chicago, Illinois.

Inflammation [2014]

Moving image. Using my skin as the subject.

How Did You Sleep? [2014]

Durational performance. Collaboration that explores relationships and dependancy.

Snap Judgement [2014]

Performance and archival prints. Uses leaked code from the mobile application, Snapchat.

Recess [2013]

Branding and print materials. For an exhibition at the South Side Community Art Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Hurry Up, Record That Shit [2013]

Moving image. Uses found and original footage of Chicago fights that investigates the internet voyeur.

Michael Jackson Memorial Processional [2013]

Poster. A collaboration for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

Instill Fear In Them Every Time They Leave Their Homes [2013]

Moving image with print zine. Exploring my experiences in neighborhoods.

query = chicago + violence [2013]

Moving image. Using the average colors of a Google Image Search of "chicago violence".

Post-Black [2012]

Moving image. Manipulated found imagery created for the project, twohundredfiftysixcolors.

The Beacon of the 'Hood [2011]

Moving image. Explores the interactions of one of the neighborhoods of my childhood.