James T. Green is a conceptual artist, radio producer, writer, and educator from Chicago, Illinois, and now in Brooklyn, New York.


current + completed projects

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Independent Radio Producer [2014 - present]

Producing, sound design, and reporting stories.

Favorites include: Big, Black, and Beautiful with Tunde OlaniranHingeCandy Coated Journalism, The Chase, and The Uniqloization of the Internet.

Editor at a++ [2017 - present]

Recommending the best podcasts for you.

Producer at Gimlet Media [2017]

Producing, sound design, and reporting stories for The Nod.

Favorites include: Whole Hog, All Heroes Wear Capes, and On That Lo Life $hit.

Producer at MTV News x Rookie Mag [2016 - 2017]

Producing, mixing, sound design, reporting, and editing stories for MTV News' podcast division.

Favorites include: At Standing Rock, and Kerry James Marshall On Making A 'Creative Convening'.

Production leads include: Rookie's podcast catalog, and Speed Dial with Doreen St. Félix & Ira Madison III.

Postloudness [2016 - present]

Co-founder, creative director, producer. A collective of independent audio shows hosted by people of color, women, and queer identified hosts.

Lecturer at School of the Art Institute Chicago [Spring - Winter 2016]

Graduate studies: Writing in the WWW. Case study coming soon.

U+1F60C [2015 - present]

Music production. Creating tiny songs for small scores and podcasts.

The Studio Visit [2014 - present]

Writing. A (weekly) experimental newsletter that's guaranteed to be better than your Twitter feed.

#000000 {lives:matter;} [2014 - present]

Shirt. Raising donations towards the Black Lives Matter movement, related media spaces, and non-profits.

Progress [2016]

Moving image. Created in response to Black Lives Matter and the exhibition "our duty to fight" at Gallery 400. Case study coming soon.

Processing [2016]

Interactive websites. Created in response to Black Lives Matter and the exhibition "our duty to fight" at Gallery 400. Case study coming soon.

Allison Glenn's "Messages in the Street" [2016]

Information and map design. Case study coming soon.

PrEP4Love [2016]

Shirt design and lettered illustration.

Lauren Ash [2016]

Branding and website design.

Is it a childhood dream or a newfound interest? [2016]

Moving image. Exploring passive information in mundane moments.

Official (Original) [2015]

Moving image. Questioning the expectations of videos that surface of Black death and harassment by law enforcement.

we(speak) [2015]

Interactive websites. Built with Javascript and PHP as part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".

we(listen) [2015]

Digital installation. Manipulations as part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".

we(act) [2015]

Digital manipulations and large scale installation. Part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".

VSCO Cam Microsite [2015]

Microsite. An internal project with Tribune Publishing to show our chops for designing mobile advertising interfaces and user flows.

Data Never Sleeps [2015]

Website. Created for a social media company.

@hummuskale [2015]

Twitter bot. Built with the programming language, Python.

Cache My Memory [2014]

Website. Let's you send messages to someone you miss.

How To Make A Hood [2014]

Branding. For an exhibition at the Washington Park Arts Incubator in Chicago, Illinois.

Inflammation [2014]

Moving image. Using my skin as the subject.

How Did You Sleep? [2014]

Durational performance. Collaboration that explores relationships and dependancy.

Snap Judgement [2014]

Performance and archival prints. Uses leaked code from the mobile application, Snapchat.

Recess [2013]

Branding and print materials. For an exhibition at the South Side Community Art Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Hurry Up, Record That Shit [2013]

Moving image. Uses found and original footage of Chicago fights that investigates the internet voyeur.

Michael Jackson Memorial Processional [2013]

Poster. A collaboration for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

Instill Fear In Them Every Time They Leave Their Homes [2013]

Moving image with print zine. Exploring my experiences in neighborhoods.

query = chicago + violence [2013]

Moving image. Using the average colors of a Google Image Search of "chicago violence".

Post-Black [2012]

Moving image. Manipulated found imagery created for the project, twohundredfiftysixcolors.

The Beacon of the 'Hood [2011]

Moving image. Explores the interactions of one of the neighborhoods of my childhood.