James T. Green is a conceptual artist, radio producer, writer, and educator from Chicago, Illinois, and now in Brooklyn, New York.



~ currently thinking through ~

Algorithmic Interventions [ongoing]

Collecting moments when algorithms recommend me content and disrupting it.

Producer at Gimlet Creative [2018 - present]

Creating cool audio products for brands.

Prototypes [2018 - present]

Seasonal, one-day residency hosted by Sharon Mashihi and myself where we cook you food and provide a space to create. We only ask that you share with everyone else at the end of the four hours. Invite-only.

Postloudness [2016 - present]

Co-founder, creative director, producer. A collective of independent audio shows hosted by people of color, women, and queer identified hosts.

U+1F60C [2015 - present]

Music and audio stories. Creating tiny pieces for experimentation.

The Studio Visit [2014 - present]

Writing. An experimental newsletter that's guaranteed to be better than your Twitter feed.

#000000 {lives:matter;} [2014 - present]

Shirt. Raising donations towards the Black Lives Matter movement, related media spaces, and non-profits.

~ in a past life + completed ~

A Surveillance Meditation [2019]

Short film. How we keep tabs on ourselves and others.

Sounds Like Good Design [2019]

A story about what bad audio design does to our brains and how to make it better for Adobe’s Wireframe.

All Rings Considered [2019]

A story about the rise and the fall of the custom ringtone in popular culture for 99% Invisible.

Culottes to Karen O [2019]

A profile of one my personal legends, Costume Designer Christian Joy, for New Balance x Gimlet Creative’s show Dress Codes.

EMDR [2019]

A piece, years in the making, that explores internal anxieties when I have lost control. Curated by Constellations.

Pop Up Magazine (Winter Tour) [2019]

Performing a story about the rise and fall of ringtone culture at The Theatre at Ace Hotel (Los Angeles, CA), Paramount Theatre (Oakland, CA), BAM Howard Gilman Opera House (Brooklyn, NY), Warner Theatre (Washington D.C), Variety Playhouse (Atlanta, GA), and Hogg Auditorium (Austin, TX).

The story of Chloe Kim [2018]

An audio documentary on the snowboarder Chloe Kim’s rise to superstardom. For Nike’s “The Fenom Effect”.

Nike’s “The Fenom Effect” [2018]

Telling the stories behind the best female athletes.

First and Last Days [2018]

California Sunday Magazine. Edited audio for a story on the people arriving and departing SFO.

Editor for Red Bull Radio’s True Laurels Radio [2018]

Advising on show structure and vocal coaching.

A Monday morning in a supermarket [2018]

The Outline. A meditation on roaming the aisles in the early hours.

Rap producer tags, ranked [2018]

The Outline. Branding a song in 3 seconds is a subtle art.

My day on an e-scooter turned me into an e-hole [2018]

The Outline. The future may be here, but getting used to it takes some time.

Sex workers protest a post-Backpage world [2018]

The Outline. Enraged by SESTA and FOSTA, sex workers took to the streets on International Whores’ Day.

New York cabbies have a surprisingly wholesome secret: group chats [2018]

The Outline. How NYC cabbies span the distance using WhatsApp, conference calls, and way too many emojis.

Asylum seekers are being sexually assaulted in U.S. detention [2018]

The Outline. Instead of protecting their detainees, immigration authorities are taking advantage of them.

Audio Director at The Outline [2018]

Producing, sound design, and reporting stories for World Dispatch. Editing stories for The Outline.

Editor at a++ [2017 - 2018]

Recommending the best podcasts for you.

Little Wrist Computer [2017]

The Apple Watch saved my life once. I composed a story about that day.

Ready, Set…Buy Black [2017]

Gimlet Media’s The Nod. What happens when you set a scavenger hunt for only Black owned businesses?

The Paradise Garage [2017]

Gimlet Media’s The Nod. RIP Larry Levan and Reggie “Combat Jack” Ossé.

Whole Hog [2017]

Gimlet Media’s The Nod. You’ll never look at BBQ the same.

All Heroes Wear Capes [2017]

Gimlet Media’s The Nod. The durag discourse the culture deserves.

On That Lo Life $hit [2017]

Gimlet Media’s The Nod. Polo heads unite.

Producer at Gimlet Media [2017]

Producing, sound design, and reporting stories for The Nod.

Kerry James Marshall On Making A 'Creative Convening' [2017]

MTV News. Looking deep into the work of Kerry James Marshall and Arthur Jafa.

At Standing Rock [2016]

MTV News. On site at the #NoDAPL protests in North Dakota.

Producer at MTV News x Rookie Mag x Speed Dial [2016 - 2017]

Producing, mixing, sound design, reporting, and editing stories for MTV News' podcast division.

Production leads include: Rookie's podcast catalog, and Speed Dial with Doreen St. Félix & Ira Madison III.

Big, Black, and Beautiful [2016]

A story on the imitable Tunde Olaniran.

Lecturer at School of the Art Institute Chicago [Spring - Winter 2016]

Graduate studies: Writing in the WWW. Case study coming soon.

Is it a childhood dream or a newfound interest? [2016]

Moving image. Exploring passive information in mundane moments.

The Studio Visit Zine, Vol. 1 [2015]

A collection of writings and accompanied illustrations with Vaughn Fender.

Official (Original) [2015]

Moving image. Questioning the expectations of videos that surface of Black death and harassment by law enforcement.

we(speak) [2015]

Interactive websites. Built with Javascript and PHP as part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".

we(listen) [2015]

Digital installation. Manipulations as part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".

we(act) [2015]

Digital manipulations and large scale installation. Part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".

@hummuskale [2015]

Twitter bot. Built with the programming language, Python.

Cache My Memory [2014]

Website. Let's you send messages to someone you miss.

How To Make A Hood [2014]

Branding. For an exhibition at the Washington Park Arts Incubator in Chicago, Illinois.

Inflammation [2014]

Moving image. Using my skin as the subject.

How Did You Sleep? [2014]

Durational performance. Collaboration that explores relationships and dependancy.

Snap Judgement [2014]

Performance and archival prints. Uses leaked code from the mobile application, Snapchat.

Recess [2013]

Branding and print materials. For an exhibition at the South Side Community Art Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Hurry Up, Record That Shit [2013]

Moving image. Uses found and original footage of Chicago fights that investigates the internet voyeur.

Instill Fear In Them Every Time They Leave Their Homes [2013]

Moving image with print zine. Exploring my experiences in neighborhoods.

query = chicago + violence [2013]

Moving image. Using the average colors of a Google Image Search of "chicago violence".

Post-Black [2012]

Moving image. Manipulated found imagery created for the project, twohundredfiftysixcolors.

The Beacon of the 'Hood [2011]

Moving image. Explores the interactions of one of the neighborhoods of my childhood.