Two interactive websites built with Javascript and PHP as part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".



An installation with LED panel manipulations as part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".



An installation with image manipulations as part of a solo exhibition titled "exceptional/respectable".


VSCO Cam Microsite

An internal project with Tribune Publishing to show our chops for designing mobile advertising interfaces and user flows.


Data Never Sleeps

A website created for a social media company.


#000000 {lives:matter;}

A shirt to raise donations towards the Black Lives Matter movement, related media spaces, and non-profits.



A website that hosts an ongoing collection of in progress works, snippets, and experiments.


Sautéed Snippets

A website that collects one-line excerpts from my daily journals.



A Twitter utility built with the programming language, Python.


Cache My Memory

A website that lets you send messages to someone you miss.


How To Make A Hood

A logo for an exhibition at the Washington Park Arts Incubator in Chicago, Illinois.



A video using my skin as the subject.


How Did You Sleep?

A durational performance collaboration that explores relationships and dependancy.


Snap Judgement

A performance with audience participation that uses leaked code from the mobile application, Snapchat.


Twice As Hard, Half Ahead

A sculpture with video projection that explores code-switching, black vernacular, and the relationship with my father.



Branding and print materials for an exhibition at the South Side Community Art Center in Chicago, Illinois.


Briar Rabbit

Album artwork for Show Your Bones.


Hurry Up, Record That Shit

A video that uses found and original footage of Chicago fights that investigates the internet voyeur.


Michael Jackson Memorial Processional

A poster collaboration for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.


Instill Fear In Them Every Time They Leave Their Homes

A series of animated GIFs with an accompanied zine of original writing that explores my experience in neighborhoods.


query = chicago + violence

An animated GIF using the average colors of a Google Image Search of "chicago violence".


How Black Are You?

The framed results of taking an online quiz testing my blackness.



An animated GIF using found imagery created for the project, twohundredfiftysixcolors.


The Beacon of the 'Hood

A video that explores the interactions of one of the neighborhoods of my childhood.