James T. Green is a conceptual artist, radio producer, writer, and educator from Chicago, Illinois, and now in Brooklyn, New York.


~ now ~

Updated: 02/03/19, 01:14:05 P.M. EST

at an undisclosed location.


• Producing for Gimlet Creative.

• Making audio experiments.

• Reading The Great Good Place by Ray Oldenburg.

• My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite.

• Traveling for Pop Up Magazine winter tour.

• Writing.

• Improving my bench press in powerlifting.

• Spending time with my partner, friends, and family.


To keep on track, I plan to say no to any request that is not in direct relation to the above list.

Don't distract from my creative process.


/now page inspired by Derek Silvers.