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97: Slowing up

At the beginning of this 2016, I’ve been purposely taking stock of everything that I’ve started, completed, and half-ass-false started. Needless to say, it’s been a lot.

I was feeling overwhelmed, so I hit up my pal for a bit of business advice, how to structure everything in my life, and take stock of what I had going on. It was then he introduced me to this life pie thing.

Basically everything I’m doing exists in this little illustration in relation to time spent in the current month, not necessarily income distribution.

See the little yellow section, that’s writing, which is what this newsletter falls into. See the little orange section, that’s teaching, and that section is going to increase by at least 38% next week.

When writing here, I like to make sure everything is of quality. No fluff. If I’m taking space in your inbox, it better be worth the time you spend reading. Last week’s letter was something I sat on for a month of editing, re-writing, editing, re-writing, etc. I was really proud of that letter, and others of that intesity. I take pride in what I put in the world.

This is a long winded way of saying that from now until mid-May, this weekly letter will be on a bit more of a sporatic schedule. Right now this is weekly, and I will attempt to keep things weekly, but it might be bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or once a month for the next few months. I spend quite a few hours a week writing for this letter, and comparing the time constraint and importance of teaching two graduate level classes and being paid for it, I’d much rather spend that extra time dedicated to making my classes a success for my students.

Adding the prep and consistent upkeep of these classes along with two other projects that are leading to how the rest of this 2016 will shape out financially, I have only a few hours a day to dedicate to things that I put out in the world, so I want to make sure that I dedicate my attention to the least amount of things possible. I like to pretend that I’m not human but in fact a robot and can do everything on my plate at 100%, but I can’t. I’d rather do fewer things much better rather than half-ass a bunch of stuff. Also, I really like sleep. I make better things when I’m well rested.

Onto the nitty gritty. If you are supporter of my Patreon, I completely understand if you want to lower your monthly support in relation to this new agreement. Here you go if you need a headstart.

I’m not giving on this letter. I love it way too much to just abandon it. I just want to make sure the quality stays up to the level I expect it to be.

James T. Green