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76: You’re an island, I’m just a little boat

The Fieldwork: “You’re an island, I’m just a little boat”

I was heading home from errand running with my partner when we were stopped by a red light. Idle eyes led our attention to this sign greeting our perimeter.

“Slow to anger allows your thinking to rule your acting before it’s too late.”

I’m not one to get head-turned by faux-inspirational quotes crafted in marquee boards, but it didn’t stop me from pulling out my iPhone and snapping a picture. I didn’t think of it for the rest of the night, but I kept finding myself thinking about that dang board afterwards.

A few days passed, days that led to frustrations varying from the ups and downs of self-employment, to figuring out what insurance plan to sign up for, to anxieties of being in social situations. These moments led to being mad at myself and others, wanting to scream and throw my MacBook in a wood chipper. I QUIT UNIVERSE, YOU WIN. I kept thinking about that dumb quote everytime. Slow to anger. What does that even mean to me? Why am I thinking about a stupid thing I read on a marquee board while holding a loaf of french bread? What is wrong with me?

With connected pieces of glass all over our bodies and bags, we are prone to criticism at any second. Whether it’s someone that doesn’t agree with me or writes a bad review of my work, chances are you can easily reach me and I will come across it at some point. These people aren’t haters, they just have opinions. Someone can piss us off and as soon as we feel that piss, we can let it out. Being slow to anger is difficult, but more often than not it’s the best solution because on the other end of that connected piece of glass is a human.

While there’s always exceptions to slow movement for the sake of the advancement of our fucking society (and I will still be quick to anger for things that matter in the world), chances are I can slow up my anger and think before I respond to a passing comment. Thanks marquee board, you win.


This Week’s Magazine Clippings

★ We are making our voices heard by any means necessary, with activists spreading their actions through social media.

★ “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”

★ Remind me again why we still keep inviting the same harassers into our community and keep inviting them to our events?

★ Online writing has an income problem, and it’s not going to be stopped by littering the web with tracker-based advertisement.

★ The end of a wonderful addition to Baltimore’s apartment arts gallery community.


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This week’s Fieldwork title comes from “Island” by Yuna.

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