James T. Green is a conceptual artist, radio producer, writer, and educator from Chicago, Illinois, and now in Brooklyn, New York.

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75: One year

This week’s poem: One year

A beat for prayer, a beat for lives

A beat for thoughts, a beat for lies

A beat for faith, a beat for tears

A beat for joy, a beat for years

We keep beating, as we keep being beat.


What did I find interesting this week?

★ TV has a problem with black womanhood, even with Issa Rae.

★ Are bite-sized articles losing steam?

★ ‘The men in this town have a serious case of pussy affluenza”. Tinder and the dawn of the dating apocalypse.

★ Along with a series of the cutest GIFs, here’s a guide to designing for wearable devices.

★ Lastly, peep the beauty of the (now digitized) oldest, multicolored, printed book.


What’s coming up?

★ Cher and I moved our podcast, Open Ended, into a weekly format! This coming Wednesday will be the two of us talking about anxieties, therapy, and mental health. You can check out last week’s episode, ‘V.I.P**n’, on our websiteiTunes, or in any other podcast player. Be sure to rate us on iTunes and send us a donation to keep our lights on.

★ This is the last week to see the CHGO DSGN: WHEREVER show at LVL3 in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood until it closes on August 16th. I’m showing a piece with a bunch of other talented folks.

★ The group exhibition, Three the Hard Way, is up until August 23rd at The Logan Center in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood with Ayana Contreras and David Leggett.


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James T. Green