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59: This Was Sent From 5,280 Feet.

The air is cold, the sun is shining, the oxygen is thin. What is happening you might ask? I’m on my honeymoon in the great city of Denver, Colorado.

If you’re curious, I’m probably in a bit of a haze doing one of these fine things on this list, or maybe not. I may smiling with one of three things in my hand, use your imagination of what these may be. Lists and plans are for incredibly anal people like myself, and not for my free-spirited partner which thankfully balances me out.

Vague yes, but that’s what honeymoons are for ~ relaxing with your partner and not chatting at all with the outside world ~ which is why I scheduled this email to do its thing and let the robots at Mailchimp flutter these words into your inbox. If you think I am checking email during these days, forget about it. If I respond to your email before Tuesday April 21 at 12pm CST, you have the honor and privilege of placing all my internet enabled devices in a pile, smashing them ceremoniously, burning them in a pyramid, and graciously recording it for consumption on your favorite social media site of choice.

I’ll be back next week with a regularly scheduled letter. Until then, have a great Monday and poke through the archives if you want to read some great things to fill your time. I’m currently reading this book.

Thanks for reading and have a great week,


James T. Green