James T. Green is a conceptual artist, radio producer, writer, and educator from Chicago, Illinois, and now in Brooklyn, New York.

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55: Structural Intimacy

When the windows of a train parallel the windows of adjacent living spaces, there’s a kiss of intimacy between these two structures.

“Doors closing”

The whine of the wheels go into motion.

A glimpse of an immaculate house.

A television screen the size of a sliding door.

A gasp at a dying attention.

Neighborhoods zip and change in-between stops. Markers change.

A glimpse of the shell of a house.

A plywood board the size of a sliding door.

A gasp at a living hope.

In moments, you taste a stranger’s luxury and embrace their pain.

The utilitarian nature of a home. An object of protection at the core wearing a cloak of class.

The utilitarian nature of a train. An object of transportation with class blurred—only apparent by the chosen external peacock feathers of their passengers.

“Doors open on the left”

The wheels squeal to a halt.

The cycle continues.

What did I find interesting this week?

★ Everyone’s opinions are fatiguing after a while – even your own : With the opportunity of everyone being able to give their opinion at a moment’s notice, that can get really tiring.

★ No Plan B: From Cancer to Corsica: This beautiful short film will make you rethink determination.

★ Weighting to Be Seen: Being Fat, Black, and Invisible in Body Positivity: In the body positivity movement, there’s one group that usually gets left behind in the conversation…black women.

★ Reading and Rumor: The Problem with Kenneth Goldsmith: Recently, artist Kenneth Goldsmith made an art piece that co-opted Michael Brown’s autopsy report as conceptual poetry. This piece rightfully explains the optics of why this is a problem.

What do I have coming up?

☞ April 10 at 6pm will be the opening of “exceptional/respectable” at The Arts Incubator in Washington Park.

☞ A new episode of Cher Vincent and myself’s podcast, Open Ended, is out! “You Wanna See It In Color” is a series of interviews with our parents on how they assimilated to changing technologies over the years. Find it on iTunes, or subscribe in your podcast player of choice.

Thanks for reading and have a great week,

-✌ James

James T. Green