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91: Introspective

Issue #91: Introspective

"Against the Glass" by Rachel Hyman and James T. Green

Facebook memories rekindle the flame and remind me why we went south

Was it that same me--same you--same world?

Your coffee-stained teeth graced the glass in my hand, cradling what we once had

No less real than the glass I drag my finger across, flipping through your life

What we had was fake, held together only by the algorithms that presented you into my conscious

Pulling the slot machine of refresh

Hoping against hope for that temporary enrichment,

that feeling of regret paired with anticipation

Looking for validation in my own life’s differences

Hoping for a fault in your porcelain facade. Is

the glass as real as your life

Or is

my own vase, swirling with the eddies

of imagined selves, the one

about to tip?

The best links this week.

Rebel Without a Pause: An in depth interview of Killer Mike for the New Republic.

How Corporations Profit from Black Teens' Viral Content: Doreen St. Félix investigates ownership of culture and content.

White Guilt: Critical writing of whiteness for white people.

Pop Culture is Finally Getting Hacking Right: We've moved beyond the scaling green text in dark vans.

Programming Sucks: A delightful, relatable, and mind-numbing read.

Notes from the editor.

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