James T. Green is a conceptual artist, radio producer, writer, and educator from Chicago, Illinois, and now in Brooklyn, New York.

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90: Passive

Issue #90: Passive

"Autocomplete Dreams" by James T. Green

Messages burrow their way into my subconcious while the room was silent, shimmying into my brain waves like earworms.

The television in the background nudged me into a trance.

My living room became a stage and the announcer was my director.

Everyone in my line of sight became props, silent in their motions. The room’s vocals were jittering fragments of a slumber.


Direct your attention!

Coming up!

This week on!

Television announcers become my commanders. Make your way here, capture this, make this noise.

"Is it a childhood dream or a newfound interest?" / James T. Green / 2015

I wonder what dreams encapsulate my parents as they rest in front of the television. Do they become miniature commercials of their own?

Fragmented thoughts

Autocompleted with passive information

I catch myself in a dream of my own, except my eyes are wide open and the only commercials are the passive sounds of Christmas music, glazing me into a trance.

I glance out the window in the same seat where my mom and I shared stories

Of laughter

Of tears

Of shock

My brain replays those memories like the endless commercials on that couch as my parents slept.

My brain is here, sleeping, catching up to how I felt then




Maybe it’s my own brain trying to fill the gaps, with commercials, with reruns, with sports I don’t give a fuck about

To hide my emptiness

To become background noise

To be in front of that couch, asleep in front of the television

To passively exist

I begged my mind to capture a glimmer of reality

To capture the director’s attention

To scream and shout beyond the passive noise

To move from the background noise and into the foreground

To capture those messages that burrowed into my mind

But for now I won’t, and until then, I’ll passively let other thoughts into my head

To mask what it is I’m trying to find

Until the director yell “cut!”

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