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89: Mundane

"Searching for some kind of answer" / James T. Green / 2015

"Searching for some kind of answer" / James T. Green / 2015

Issue #89: Mundane

"The souvenirs of our self-importance"

by James T. Green

The series of looks upon entry of a room.

Aligning a different look to a location, no matter the dirt of the sack. Alluding oneself to a subculture and facing them outword to fight a stereotype.

A sense of value and prestige of this trinket allotted to the select few to participate.

A talk, a retreat, a screening. We like to feel exclusive, to be a part of a group, and to belong.

A silent head-nod and a stranger mentions your bag, your patch, your enamel pin.

I align with that tribe and accept your invitation to conversation. I want to belong too.

We try to excite the mundane by decorating the sacks that carry our hidden tribal markers. Alert our clique. Spotlight our squad. Declare our affliations with organizations and causes. 

We must flaunt the souvenirs of our self-importance.

The best links this week.

★ "For A Year, Shonda Rhimes Said 'Yes' To All The Things That Scared Her": The mundane of having the same answer to every task.

★ "At a Queer Film Festival, a Collective Offers to Digitize Your Videos for Free": The mundane of doing a repetitive task, while creating delight.

★ "A Note on Smallness": The mundane of consistently revising your data until a proper point sticks out.

★ “Kurt Vonnegut explains drama”: The mundane of our actual lives in comparison to our expectations.

★ “I Will Unfollow”: The mundane of watchfully paying attention to your digital habits and community before making a change.

Notes from the editor.

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★ I have one slot open for design and development work between November - December of this year. If you are in need or know of any leads, contact me.

★ Episode 29 of the Open Ended podcast will be released this Wednesday focused on people of color dominating online video.

★ Four framed prints of “we(act)" are available for sale. If you are interested in having some art of mine in your home or studio, contact me.

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James T. Green