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84: The keeper of a thousand secrets

The Fieldwork: "The keeper of a thousand secrets"

I’m looking for
a new therapist

A gentle soul
Knew what I liked
Understood art
My happiness spiked

I survived blood clots
My aunt died
My best friend died
For nights
I cried
I wished
I died

That stupid smell of syrup
emitting from his couch
comforted me
into ease

And I talked
for hours
and hours
and hours
and hours
and 6 months of care
and stories we’d share

My depression curbed
I took a break
I’m cleared
I’m cured
I walked away
He walked away

My life turned
Career shifts shuffled
my brain’s library
Searching for a
defragmentation of emotions

I’m back
picking up the phone
Reading reviews
Fighting the feeling
of being alone

I found a new man
Another gentle man
Over the phone we introduced
with the beginning
of stories
I’ve told


This Week’s Magazine Clippings

★ “Attention K-Mart Shoppers: archive.org”: A Naperville, Illinois man has been saving K-Mart muzak tapes for 10 years from the late 80’s. He’s done the Lord’s work and digitized them for download.

★ “Minimize Cognitive Load to Maximize Usability”: “The total cognitive load, or amount of mental processing power needed to use your site, affects how easily users find content and complete tasks.”

★ “The Chicago End-Times”: How it feels to work at the Chicago Sun-Times from an ex-writer. I feel bad for large publications at a time like this.

★ “A Famous Comedian Assumed I Was Backstage Because I Was Sleeping With Someone”: A reflective recollection from Alexis Wilkinson, former head of the Harvard Lampoon and writer on Veep.

★ Why It’s Hard To Talk About My Bisexuality: “Another way to say it is, “I have the potential to be attracted to people regardless of their gender.” Prayer hands emoji.



★ I’m back on the speaking and visiting-artist train for the rest of 2015. If you teach a class, host a residency program, need a speaker for your event/conference, or looking for a studio visit, contact me.

★ I have two slots open for design and development work between October - December of this year. If you are in need or know of any leads, contact me.

★ Well I’ll be some chitlins on a Thanksgiving plate, this Wednesday will be episode 24 of Cher Vincent and myself’s podcast, Open Ended. We vaguely talk about humanity and tech from the black perspective, but mostly we trade jokes and talk about the ratchetness of our surrounding world. It’s honestly a great weekly release. This week it’s just the two of us, but you can check out our last episode ‘Riding the Feels Train’ with Sabella Flagg of Mac & Row on our websiteiTunes, or in any other podcast player. Be sure to rate us on iTunes and send us a donation to keep the lights on.

★ If you’re into owning some art, I’ve got a few framed prints of a piece I created recently, “we(act)," for sale. If you are interested in having some art of mine in your home or studio, reply to this email so we can chat!


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