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39: So Much Labor To Write This Email

Hey, hi, hello, what’s up? James here.

So, why did you open this email today? Why are you not enjoying smoked meats (or veggies) and celebrating the unions for giving us a Labor Day? Seriously, you should shut this email, close out your browser, turn off push email on your phone, and take some selfies with your family and friends. Better yet, take a bike ride! Those are great. If you have to work today, smile and look forward to hanging with those loved ones afterward!

The breeze from my window is really great right now, and I’m hoping it’s the same in your city (or where you are reading this from). I’m going to take that advice and go out for a nice bike, drink some beers, and enjoy the rest of this day. Probably by the time you opened this email, I’ll will have had some sort of A) burger B) pizza or C) taco. Maybe all three? Who’s counting anyway?

Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful day and keeping the good vibes going, starting this week right. I’ll be back next week with the responses from last week’s letter.

Have a great Monday and see you next week,


James T. Green