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33: You Rock

Last week we chatted about how small acts of kindness can change others' perspective. It was really fun to write about and I thank you kindly for your responses. Jamie Lynn Ferguson wrote to me one in particular that warmed my heart.

"Something that happened to me recently ... I was running down Rockwell Ave. in Humboldt and it was one of those super hot, super muggy days...in other words, I was lamenting my decision to go running. As I approached Division, a guy raised up his hand for a high-five and cheered me on with a "You rock!" For the rest of my run, my heat exhaustion felt more like a badge of honor than a burden."

I loved her response because that random act of kindness was not something extravagant, it was a simple gesture that can be easily replicated by any one of us. As corny as "you rock" can sound, you can't help but feel better after being told that by someone.

I'm not exactly sure how I will replicate a random act of kindness this week, but I'll try to keep the cycle going, and best of luck to you all too!

Have a great Monday and see you next week,


What did I find interesting this week?

1) Two Straight Minutes of Children Swearing in Movies: A fun little video to start of your week–a mashup of classic and current movies in which children swear. Loved it.

2) Inside our Brand Evolution - Airbnb: Airbnb recently had a redesign that I really dig for a lot of reasons (fresh look, message, diversity in promotional materials, etc.). Here's a breakdown from their design team and partnering studio on how they came to their current solution.

3) 1,000 True Fans: I revisited this great essay that every maker of something should read. It's about the theory that in order to make art that is fully sustainable (in-between the "line of poverty and stardom"), you must have 1,000 true fans that are willing to support whatever you do. A great read.

4) Start Making Stuff and Keep Making Stuff with Caroline Moore: I'm a big fan of Caroline Moore's work and when I found out she was interviewed on Everyday Designer, I had to check it out. A solid read just for the fact that it's a new perspective and sounds completely different than the other interviews I've read.

5) Manual Retweets are Self Promotion and Twitter Embeds Aren't Journalism: An interesting perspective on how Twitter is used by blog writers and journalism and questioning their motives and intentions.

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