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25: Porch Hang Season Begins

So it’s Memorial Day. While this is a day to remember those who died in the armed forces (which is important to me as my dad and a good chunk of my family was in the military), it is the unofficial start of the BBQ season, especially here in Chicago. Plenty of porch hangs, meat (or veggies) slathered in sauces, and making friends with those that live by beaches or have backyards.

I’m a big believer in taking breaks, so as I do on every holiday weekend, I’m taking this week off to spend time with friends, call up my family, and enjoy this beautiful day. You should too! As a matter of fact, what are you doing checking your email right now? Get outside, ride a bike, eat lots of food, and enjoy this day.

We all celebrate holiday weekends differently, so I’m curious…how did you celebrate your Memorial Day? Let me know and hit reply.

Have a great Monday and see you next week,


James T. Green