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30: Different Variations

Last week we chatted about the comparison complex and always feeling like you are behind others. I was completely blown away by your emails, face-to-face conversations, and tweets about your experiences in comparison–thank you kindly for sharing.

Through all the responses, this particular one from English Marie grabbed my attention due to its sheer honesty.

“…I’ve recently been feeling a bit down about my artwork and the feeling that I’m never producing enough/showing enough, and from time to time a lack of direction.  

Seeing people I love who are also artists and who are in residencies, in shows, and selling gets a little rough.  Don’t get me wrong, I love them and am so happy for them and their success. I just feel like I’m missing some sort of factor, or maybe lacking something?  Then I am reminded that I have shown in the very recent past, that I have sold work, I’ve accomplished freelance projects, and that I have upcoming shows and actually am back to having studio time.  My timeline is not the same as everyone else, and everybody’s timeline for work/showing/selling/what have you, is unique and we all go through different variations before our final product happens.”

I can completely relate to this feeling that comes about. It’s so easy to forget what you have achieved when the focus is on someone else’s past. It’s good to slow down and realize that life ain’t as bad as it seems. English, you said it really well.

Have a great Monday and see you next week,


What did I find interesting this week?

1) Freelance as a Service: Robert Williams does a great job and making you consider how your portfolio site is designed and what should be there to increase user engagement. A technical and compelling read.

2) Ask Andrew W.K.: How to Cope With the Death of a Friend: A friend of mine Nick Lacke sent this to me last week and it almost left me in tears at my desk. As someone who is still dealing with loss, I’m sure this will be a comforting read to at least one of you out there.

3) The Rise of Emoji: An in-depth look at the history of emoji, how it has infiltrated popular culture, and some opinions of how the new emojis will fit into our daily conversations.

4) A Look Inside the Design Team at Morningstar: A friend of mine Sharlene King was interviewed about working at the awesome offices of Morningstar and how they use Invision to get things done. A really great read because Sharlene drops some major knowledge.

5) Always #LikeAGirl: Always created a video that challenges the language of doing something “like a girl” as an insult and turns it into something empowering. A great watch.

James T. Green