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29: A Vanilla, Cold Brew Coffee

“No, we have to pour it in this way.”

“No, you have to grind the beans more.”

“Stop trying to always do things on your own, sometimes you need to admit you need help.”

Sharing things online allow for others to see a side of your life that you want others to see. It’s an easy way to curate how you want to be viewed, but it makes me think, nobody gets to see the fuss, frustration, and things that can go wrong before getting this perfectly crafted picture of C’ne and I making our first vanilla, cold brew coffee together. No one wants to hear couples fussing or see things go wrong–all we want is perfection, right?

Of course we want to share things that put us in a positive light, but have you ever thought about what goes into each post? What’s the backstory? How many imperfect tries did it take before this one came out perfect? How many times did this person fail at this art project before they posted their final project? How many times did this person toll away at their illustration, craft, or design before they came up with this final, beautiful product?

Years ago, a friend used to always tell me:

“Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel. You don’t know all the shit they had to do to get to where they are.”

You’re right friend. I’ll try to remember that the next time I see someone’s curated life. Have you had a memorable moment where you found yourself comparing? Let me know and hit reply.

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What did I find interesting this week?

1) Is Coding The New Literacy?: Mother Jones has a fantastic long read about how learning programming languages are proving to be important to communities that are not young, white males. Lots of smart comparisons and in-depth interviews here.

2) How To Spend The First 10 Minutes Of Your Day: Harvard Business Review discusses an interesting take on how to spend the first few moments after you wake up. Hint, it’s not email.

3) Nerdwax: For people like me with weirdly shaped heads and getting my glasses tightened ends up hurting my face, this product is making me swoon.

4) How to Knock Off A Bag: Last week I went to a talk at Nick Disabato’s house and he had Cinnamon Cooper, the founder of Poise.cc, a Chicago owned, independently made bag shop, give a talk. She discussed what goes into the making of a great, long-lasting bag. This linked video is by Saddleback Leather and discusses the intense process that goes into their bag creations and why it’s important to “buy good shit”.

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