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21: Quality of Life

Last week we touched on the things that we were grateful for and what we would like to "throw within the fire". Below are some of my favorite responses that will be sure to start off your Monday well.

C'ne Rohlsen let me know about how her self doubt is something to let go.

"I am thankful for the journey, even though I don't know where it will take me i have complete faith in the fact that I am exactly where i need to be in this given moment. I am taking this as a chance to be completely in the moment. Something that I would like to throw into the fire is my self doubt, I will trust my instincts and not shy away from situations."

Lastly, La Keisha Leek gave a thoughtful response on adding to her quality of life.

"I am thankful for a community of loved ones who inspire me daily. The fullness is reaching great heights. I don't know that I would throw anything into the fire this time around. But if I am able to warm some thing up, I'd like to hold that over the fire for a bit.

The ability to recall and connect personal histories into my professional practice has been extremely present. Should there be more underneath it all that speaks to benefiting a clearer narrative, being able to tap in to that over the next few months would add to the value of my quality of life. I've been all about the quality of life recently and this starts with understanding, acceptance and fullness."

I hope these were some things that got your brain churning about what it is you are thankful for during the start of this week and what you would like to let go. La Keisha's response really had me thinking about being present. I spent the weekend in Gaylord, Michigan with my partner for our friends' wedding. Being away from everything, seeing open land and trees, and not answering an email was refreshing and worth it to be present with great friends. It's opened my eyes to some new thoughts and processes that I'm sure to share with you all next week.

P.S., I am working on an archive of all our weekly letters as convinced by Justin Siddons. When he tells you something, you should probably listen. I'll let you know when that's all live!

Have a great Monday and see you next week,


What did I find interesting this week?

1) No New Tools: I've been noticing a theme with the articles I've been selecting. A lot have to do with rejecting the notion of "the new hotness" tool or gizmo. Frank Chimero chats about working with what we have and making programs for people, not computers.

2) Why You Need To Stop Bragging About How Busy You Are: Author Brigid Schulte believes that companies should stop rewarding overworked employees and focus on productivity instead. Sounds like a good idea to me.

3) Why Doesn't the Heart Get Tired Like Other Muscles: Mark this under "Things I've Always Wondered But Always Forget to Look Up". It beats all day but never tires out, yet leg muscles can hurt after a few flight of stairs. This article points out why that happens.

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