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04: People, Not Projects

People, Not Projects

It's the holiday season. I'm still full from my grandmother's lasagna and shivering from Chicago's recent cold snap. Aside from the bitter bike rides and delicious food, what I enjoy most is spending time with my friends and family during the season and really focusing on what's important in life. So I'm taking off this week to focus on just that.

Try it yourself too! Don't worry, those projects will still be there on January 2nd. As one of my friends, Deanna Mingo, always reminds me:

"People, not projects, this season."

I'm curious, what did you do with your family and friends this this holiday season? Just hitreply.

Be well and thanks for reading.
See you next week,


What did I find interesting this week?

1) Media Consumption in 2014: Shane Parrish has been sharing a lot of the ideas I've been thinking about in regards to reading and taking in information online this year.

2) Let's Get Serious About Work/Life Balance: In honor of the time we all reflect on spending time with friends and family, start thinking about how much time we spend doing work.

3) MCA Artist Talk, Stan Douglas:  If you're in Chicago, check out this artist talk at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. I'm going to it!

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