James T. Green is a conceptual artist, radio producer, writer, and educator from Chicago, Illinois, and now in Brooklyn, New York.

For SAIC Contemporary Practices

A cover letter for contemporary practices

A class visit to  Cards Against Humanity.  Featuring my Spring 2016 NAJ Writing in the WWW graduate class.

A class visit to Cards Against Humanity. Featuring my Spring 2016 NAJ Writing in the WWW graduate class.

Rarely do you have the opportunity to not only teach at a place that makes a difference in people’s day to day, but has always been somewhere you wanted to teach. Since my first visit to School of the Art Institute, it was apparent I wanted to teach here. Once offered my first class in New Arts Journalism, I enjoyed sharing my love of digital-based journalism with students while helping them become better web citizens through writing. Rounding out my first semester, I’m ready to take the next step and add another class, this time in Contemporary Practices.

My art practice explores a variety of interdisciplinary studies, with a strong interest in human interactions within technological spaces, wrapped in the lens of personal identity. Pieces have taken a variety of forms including: large scale installation, digitally manipulated prints, websites, interactive projections, video, performance, essays, and sound. Along with my art practice, I’m formally trained in digital design and web development, and own a small agency called On the Firefly, where we provide design and development services for small businesses, organizations, and arts-based non-profits. Bouncing off my sound practice, I also co-founded an audio collective, Postloudness, that produces and hosts podcasts by people of color, women, and queer-identified hosts. Within Postloudness, I have three shows of my own, Open Ended, a variety show with a focus on internet culture, Refresh, a technology show wrapped in sex-positivity, and Basket Case, a storytelling show that explores the real stories of mental health.

With a multi-hyphenated practice, this allows me to be incredibly fluid with my teaching practice, being able to  refer to a wide point of view, rather than a small focus, while developing students’ craft and voice. Along with my wide net of practices, this includes a large network of collaborators that will give a refreshing perspective outside of the typical art-only-tinged lens. Lastly, my strong focus on intersectionality and lifting up the voices of the underrepresented will be sure to give a diverse philosophy to the multitude of students in Contemporary Practices.

Ever since I was able to informally share my skills with others, I made sure to do so, either through studio visits, coffee dates, or online articles. I’ve always had a passion to share my skills with others, and when I was invited to do so in this institution, I was thankful to spread my reach and expertise further. I hope, through this current opportunity in Contemporary Practices, that I will continue to refine the work I started in New Arts Journalism.

For your consideration:


Links to previous class materials:

A list of considered skills and concepts:

  • Branding
  • New Media practices in art making
  • Online writing/Journalism
  • Audio and video production basics
  • Front-end web design and development
  • Graphic Design practices
  • Typography



James T. Green