I am a one-person studio that creates conceptual art, designs the internet, crafts audio stories, and writes for books and online publications.

815, 630, 773, 708.


I also send weekly letters called The Studio Visit.


You should hire me for:

• Branding your < 25 person company/org/event.

• Designing and developing small, informational websites.

• Showing work in your art exhibition.

• Presenting a talk for your conference, artist gathering, or classroom.

• Writing an article for your publication.


I probably won't be a good fit if:

• Your company is > 25 people, you have a product I don't align with ethically, or have a tiny budget promising "exposure." (If you have to question, it probably is.)

• You are looking to build a site with full commerce functionality. If so, I have plenty of great people I can get you in touch with.

• If your exhibition consists of all (white) males, or if you are considering my work in your exhibition because it will be "edgy" and bring "the black perspective."

• If the lineup of your conference is of all (white) males and you didn't reach out to women, particularly of color and LGBTQI, first. If you haven't, I have plenty of great people I can get you in touch with.


Wonderful, I think we would be a great match.



Wait, you threw all that information at me.

Who are you again?

Photo by Tempestt Hazel.

Photo by Tempestt Hazel.

I'm James T. Green, pleased to meet you. 

• My artworks have been shown at: The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The Gene Siskel Film Center, The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and the 2012-2013 EXPO Chicago.

• I'm currently an artist in resident for the 2014-15 U of Chicago Arts and Public Life/CSRPC program. I've completed residencies at ACRE from 2011-2012 and Chicago Artist Coalition's HATCH Projects from 2012-2013.

• I've given lectures, teachings, and portfolio reviews at Columbia College Chicago, Loyola University Chicago, the University of Chicago, and DePaul University.

• I'm a member of the artist collectives Hyde Park Dacha and Autotelic Studios.

• My partner C'ne Rohlsen and I collaborate for performance art works, including our selection in 2014's Chicago Home Theater Festival.

• I've created design work for: 22nd Century MediaTEDxWindyCityBlack Girls RunSoul City ChurchRed Bike and GreenBriar RabbitDivyn MediaIron & WireFilter Photo Festival's Image 37, Tribune Publishing, and Pop Up Addis.

• I create music under U+1F60C.

• I record a podcast with Cher Vincent called Open Ended exploring humanity among the digital noise.


Okay so you do all these things, cool.

Where do you work though?

I live with my partner in the neighborhood of Pilsen. We converted an extra room into a working studio. You can also visit me at Autotelic Studios where I share space with 8 other artists, The Arts Incubator in Washington Park, Some Office, or wherever there's Wi-Fi.


Dang, I really like what you do and I want to support you, but I don't want to hire you for a project.

If you like what I create, write, and record, you can send me a one-time donation or support my practice on Patreon starting at $1 per month.


I seriously have a question that was not addressed in the paragraphs above.