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Hey, that's me underneath a piece of artwork by Rusty C. Cook!

Hey, that's me underneath a piece of artwork by Rusty C. Cook!

I'm James T. Green, pleased to meet you. 

• My artworks have been shown at: The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The Gene Siskel Film Center, The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and the 2012-2013 EXPO Chicago.

• I've completed residencies at ACRE from 2011-2012, Chicago Artist Coalition's HATCH Projects from 2012-2013, and the University of Chicago Arts and Public Life/CSRPC program from 2014-2015.

• I've given lectures, teachings, and portfolio reviews at Columbia College Chicago, Loyola University Chicago, the University of ChicagoDePaul University, and School of the Art Institute Chicago.

• My partner C'ne Rohlsen and I collaborate for performance art works, including our selection in 2014's Chicago Home Theater Festival.

• I've created design work for: Chicago Public Media, University of ChicagoTEDxWindyCity, UberBlack Girls RunSoul City ChurchRed Bike and GreenBriar RabbitDivyn MediaIron & WireFilter Photo Festival's Image 37, and Tribune Publishing.

• My pronouns are he/him.

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"Got off in the game, don't need no cheat code."