I am a one-person studio that creates conceptual art, designs the internet, crafts audio stories, and writes for books and online publications.

815, 630, 773, 708.


You should hire me for:

• Branding your < 25 person company/org/event.

• Designing and developing small, informational websites.

• Showing work in your art exhibition.

• Presenting a talk for your conference, artist gathering, or classroom.

• Writing an article for your publication.


I probably won't be a good fit if:

• Your company is > 25 people, you have a product I don't align with ethically, or have a tiny budget promising "exposure." (If you have to question, it probably is.)

• You are looking to build a site with full commerce functionality. If so, I have plenty of great people I can get you in touch with.

• If your exhibition consists of all (white) males, or if you are considering my work in your exhibition because it will be "edgy" and bring "the black perspective."

• If the lineup of your conference is of all (white) males and you didn't reach out to women, particularly of color and LGBTQI, first. If you haven't, I have plenty of great people I can get you in touch with.


Wonderful, I think we would be a great match.

One (1) slot is available for design and development work for Summer 2015. You can hop on the waiting list for Fall 2015 below.

I'm currently available for exhibitions and talks until Winter 2015.



Wait, you threw all that information at me.

Who are you again?

Photo by Tempestt Hazel.

Photo by Tempestt Hazel.

I'm James T. Green, pleased to meet you. 

• My artworks have been shown at: The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The Gene Siskel Film Center, The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and the 2012-2013 EXPO Chicago.

• I'm currently an artist in resident for the 2014-15 U of Chicago Arts and Public Life/CSRPC program. I've completed residencies at ACRE from 2011-2012 and Chicago Artist Coalition's HATCH Projects from 2012-2013.

• I've given lectures, teachings, and portfolio reviews at Columbia College Chicago, Loyola University Chicago, the University of Chicago, and DePaul University.

• I'm a member of the artist collectives Hyde Park Dacha and Autotelic Studios.

• My partner C'ne Rohlsen and I collaborate for performance art works, including our selection in 2014's Chicago Home Theater Festival.

• I've created design work for: TEDxWindyCity, UberBlack Girls RunSoul City ChurchRed Bike and GreenBriar RabbitDivyn MediaIron & WireFilter Photo Festival's Image 37, and Tribune Publishing.

• I create music under U+1F60C.

• I record a podcast with Cher Vincent called Open Ended exploring humanity among the digital noise.


Okay so you do all these things, cool.

Where do you work though?

I live with my partner in the neighborhood of Pilsen. We converted an extra room into a working studio. You can also visit me at Autotelic Studios where I share space with 8 other artists, The Arts Incubator in Washington Park, Some Office, or wherever there's Wi-Fi.


Dang, I really like what you do and I want to support you, but I don't want to hire you for a project.

If you like what I create, write, and record, you can send me a one-time donation or support my practice on Patreon starting at $1 per month.


I seriously have a question that was not addressed in the paragraphs above.

Totally alright. I know, this is a super long About page right? You can just contact me below and we can chat.