James T. Green is a conceptual artist, radio producer, writer, and educator from Chicago, Illinois, and now in Brooklyn, New York.


Rest In Peace Grandma Kay

Originally written on April 20th, 2013.

Today I was thumbing through my iPhone’s camera roll and came across an unexpected surprise.

This was an accidental screenshot that was taken April 18, 2013. Myself and the family waited at the hospice while my great-grandmother was in the ambulance. She was being moved to the hospice after her complications worsened at the hospital. I was attempting to connect to the hospice’s WIFI network to keep in contact with my mom who was still at work.

This was one minute before we were given the news that she died in the ambulance.

It’s amazing how an accident can trigger a memory, freezing time. If this is you talking to me, I hear you and love you.

James T. Green