James T. Green is a conceptual artist, radio producer, writer, and educator from Chicago, Illinois, and now in Brooklyn, New York.


about me

I do a lot of things and follow a lot of interests. Here’s my trail elsewhere on the internet.

Different Head Volume 111

I joined Tyler Sorensen on his radio show and shared 15 songs that defined my life thus far, 2019

Re:sound #272 Radio Residents

Broadcast of my radio story, “Little Wrist Computer” on WBEZ Chicago 91.5 FM and Third Coast’s Re:Sound podcast, 2019

A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Into Podcasts

Some of my recommendations, New York Times, 2019


Your guests are an opportunity for audience growth

On podcast pre-production and audience growth, RadioPublic, 2018


Apple Watch: Real Stories

How the Apple Watch saved my life, Apple, 2018


Art on the Airwaves

A showcase of radio documentary, UnionDocs, 2018


"When a Job is Just Too Much"

On quitting design, The Atlantic, 2018


"Could podcasting be a model for online community?"

Review of a panel discussion at Brooklyn Historical Society, Technical.ly Brooklyn, 2017


Guest Speaker

Podcast Movement, 2016


"#13 Art, Commerce And The Internet"

Interview and guest host on the podcast, Lea and the Internet, 2016


"Arts Incubator / James T Green / Artists-In-Residence"

Interview by University of Chicago, 2015


"Spotlight: James T. Green"

Interview by LVL3, 2015


"Cache My Memory"

Interview on Black Girl in Om, 2015


"Fundraiser Tee: #000000 lives:matter;"

Featured on Boing Boing, 2014


"Episode 57: James T. Green"

Interview on the Revision Path podcast, 2014


"Artists on Ferguson & Social Responsibility"

Interview on Make-Space, 2014


"James T. Green Uses This"

Interview on The Setup, 2014


"Designer Debate Club: What Does It Mean to Do What You Love?"

Panel discussion at Weapons of Mass Creation Festival, 2014


"James T. Green, The Midwest Action Interview"

Interview with Midwest Action, 2014


"WSTS Radio, EP19: Technology in Communities of Color"

Podcast interview on WSTS Radio, 2014


"Exploring Joliet: James T. Green"

Television Interview, 2014


 "Release Show: Top 5 Weekend Pick"

Featured on Bad at Sports, 2014


 "Podcast Thing | James T. Green"

Interviewer for Podcast Thing, 2013


 "The Warm + Fuzzy on Dribbble's 'Weekly Replay'"

Featured on Dribbble, 2013


 "Idea Potluck 9.0"

Speaker at Mac and Cheese Productions, 2013


 "Thinking Through Recess: Blackness Now and Then"

Exhibition Review on ArtSlant, 2013


"Digital Self: Managing Your Online Presence"

Interview with Chicago Artists Coalition, 2013


 "Revealing Your Inner Selfie"

Featured on Hyperallergic and Salon, 2013


 "No Gods, No Masters: Top 5 Weekend Pick"

Featured on Bad at Sports, 2013


"Featured Artist: James T. Green"

Featured on Make-Space, 2013


"10 Works of Art on Vine" 

Featured on Mashable, 2013


"Fake it, till you become it"

Featured Blog Post on TEDxWindyCity, 2012


"Micro Meditations" on the MDW Art Fair

Critique Featured on Chicago Artist Writers, 2012


Q&A with the Hokin Gallery

Interview with Columbia College's Hokin Gallery about the "Like, Share, Follow" opening, 2012


"Artists Ask What It Means to Like, Share, Follow"

Interview on Hyperallergic, 2012


"How GIF Trash Became Internet Glue"

Interview on Read Write Web, 2012


"How 5 Artists Use Pinterest"

Interview on Read Write Web, 2012